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Devlin Macgregor is firmly committed to fairness and transparency in our efforts to maximize the financial success of our organization, while preserving the investment integrity for our financial stakeholders

Corporate Name: Devlin Macgregor Pharmaceuticals

Ticker Symbol: FUGTV – Pan American Stock Exchange

Status: Trading Suspended, ruling A55-1993

Price-High: $423.43 (April 1, 1995)       

Price-Low: $0.32 (May 21, 2020)

Average Daily Volume: 3,234,204   

Beta Risk for Total Loss: Extreme

The trading of common and preferred equity stock of Devlin Macgregor (Symbol: FUGTV) has been has been indefinitely halted as part of an investigation by the Financial Crimes Adjudication Agency. Devlin Macgregor is diligently working with the FCAA to regain compliance so our all of our share classes and option warrants may be re-listed on the Pan-American Stock Exchange (PASE). Existing shareholders should contact the custodian of their brokerage if they are interested in exchanging common shares for restricted warrants. Warrants carry a face value of $0.00001 per unit

Custodial accounts of common equity stockholders under PASE rule  19-93 are managed by the law firm Schitz & Gigills, PC, LP of Chicago, Illinois. The enforcement agreement notice (EAN)  covers the corporate strawman covenant of the Uniform Commerce Code (UCC) sections 120, 188, and 223. Information on this webpage page should not, and must not, be considered to be financial or legal advice.

Strat N. Oakmont, VP Financial Engineering

"Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our sphere of influence, Devlin Macgregor has regretfully been delisted from the stock exchange for the foreseeable future. We strongly assert our belief that we were unfairly 'singled out' and 'made an example out of' in this enforcement action against FUGTV. We sincerely acknowledge that many existing shareholders have 'Lost Their Shirt' so to speak, however, in some form of good news, they can always get a new shirt at the store on our new website at a very reasonable price"

Strat N. Oakmont, Managing Director of Financial Engineering Tweet

Devlin Macgregor Announces Exploratory Committee for the formation or acquisition of SPAC

Chicago, Illinois

December 30, 2020 - For Immediate Release

Devlin Macgregor is pleased to announce the formation of a special corporate committee to investigate the formation, or possibly the acquisition  of a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) . This financial vehicle will enable Devlin Macgregor an alternative to traditional equity allocation and stock offerings. The committee expects to publish formal guidelines on the SPAC offering in the upcoming quarter.

Andy Shane, Vice President of Financial Obfuscation for Devlin Macgregor was quoted in the WSJ last week,

“I am extremely excited for the prospects of a ‘blank check’ type investment product that we can offer to our stakeholders. The goal of this new SPAC will be to eliminate the nonsense associated with IPO’s and the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on time consuming compliance efforts. With SPAC investment products as hot as they are today, Devlin Macgregor must strike while the iron is hot, and empower our legacy and future investors the opportunity to cash-in on this mania”

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