General Availability of Provasic Announced at Int'l Pharmaceutical Expo

Press Release: For Immediate Release

Devlin Macgregor Pharmaceuticals Alphonse Gabriel Capone Memorial Research Annex Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois January 21, 2022

Devlin Macgregor Pharmaceuticals is a leading, world class pharmaceutical and human-biosciences based research, development, and manufacturing organization that specializes in targeted drug therapeutics, which include specialized sub-genomic pathway abatement processes and novel biomolecular drug delivery systems. This past Monday, Devlin Macgregor announced the upcoming general availability of their groundbreaking new drug, Provasic.

May 2010, Dr. Charles Nichols and staff perform tests on trial participant to ensure no liver damage detected

Development and History

In March 2009, Devlin Macgregor founders Dr. James Devlin and Owen Macgregor, PhD, came to the realization that the current suite of statins and other drug therapies for reducing arterial plaque and harmonizing blood lipids in the goal of increasing both life expectancy and overall quality-of-life, were doing more damage from side effects than the net benefits they intended to derive. With a specific goal set in sight, Devlin and Macgregor set out to not only produce a new, better, and more efficient drug compound, but more importantly, rethink the role of drug efficacy in whole

Early R&D for RDU-01 at Cook County Hospital

On December 31st, 2010, the first iteration of what would become Provasic, research drug unit candidate number one (RDU-1) was granted international patent number 0U-8125150  and subsequently received approval for Phase 1 clinical trials, comprising of 1,984 patients in the USA and Norway. All-in-all,  over 15,000 trial participants, logging over 375,000 cumulative clinic-hours were documented during the nearly 17 year span of this remarkable biomedical achievement and leap in pharmaceutical technology.

RDU-01: "You Cannot Solve a Problem with the Same Thinking that Caused It"

Doctors Devlin and Macgregor realized that nothing less than a radical new drug delivery system, one that “short circuited” the biosynthesis cycle of Carboxyhemoglobin and would enable a new “pathway” through the liver. This new molecular induction compound would facilitate a monumental leap forward toward preventing heart disease by not just reducing, but altogether eliminating artery narrowing plaque and unwanted blood lipids, while at the same time eliminating all systemic risk to the liver – quite the opposite action of all other hepatic-centric, metabolic based peer drugs in existence.

Over the course of the next six years, and five clinical trials, it became clear that key to solving this challenge was “editing” the liver cells on a sub-genomic level, by inserting a molecular disruptor that would for all practical purposes, alter the ratio of electrons to protons within the nucleus of the liver cell – something only proposed in the wildest Medical Science fiction literature to date. This alteration of the liver cell nucleus would enable, for what can be thought of as an  “HOV Lane directly through the liver” specifically and exclusively for the RDU compound.

A Nostalgic Glimpse to the Early Days: Autumn 1993, University of Illinois' Chicago Downstate School of Medicine - Owen Macgregor (L) and James Devlin (R) draft first biomolecular formulation and liver enzyme abatement strategy for what would become Provasic

Owen Macgregor observed that when RDU-01 facilitated the uptake of N-alpha-reductase and cytocysteine by penetrating the liver cell wall, the hepatocyte cycle could be disrupted without destroying the liver cell membrane, a condition that had regretfully occurred on previous drug trials on chimpanzees and dogs. Upon induction of the RDU-01 compound, an unprecedented clinical observation was witnessed: The entire liver cell began to enter what could aptly be called a cellular death phase cycle.

After a adjusted-average period of 56 minutes, complete “liver death” at the cellular level, NOT the organ-level was observed and documented. The RDU-01 treated liver was witnessed to have “spontaneously regenerated” 91.95% of all liver cells within a span of 7 hours. After a full 24 hours, the liver was observed to be amazingly 97.1% regenerated. Every “prior-generation” liver cell that completed the rapid cellular death phase cycle was regenerated by new liver cells that had novel, new  intracellular capabilities, modalities and properties that were never before observed in pharmaceutical or bio-cellular engineering research .

Extensive laboratory and clinical validation over a five year span  proved that these new “super liver cells” themselves could could now convert the phospholipids (C27-H46-O, N-C27-H44-O2 and related long branch-chain lipoproteins) directly to stores of energy, not unlike the direct mechanism of action of glucose within the metabolic pathways of the human liver. 

An additional promising measure of positive outcome was the fact that only 966 out of the original 15,894 RDU-90 (Provasic) patient deaths occurred during the  course of all trial phases, none of which were attributed to be caused by the RDU drug compound.  Actual cause-of-deaths numbers were discovered to be  {334 Suicide, 288 Firearms/Hunting Accident , 166 Single Vehicle/Single Passenger Automobile Accident, 99 Asphyxiation, 55 Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, 11 Natural Causes}

Unprecedented Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs

Clinical trials worldwide between 2010 and 2019 cemented the assertion that  a treatment could finally be offered to patients that would simply “do the task that it was designed to do”, WITHOUT the typical and worrisome side effects of older drugs including those of the statins family. With solid and conclusive evidence that the RDU-01 formulation was essentially transmuting the liver into a “clean burning, zero-waste producing, blood-lipid eating machine”, turned the traditional thinking of cardiovascular targeted prophylactic drug therapy on its  head. 

This new approach to “cleaning out the arties” was akin to a magically transforming an old diesel engine that intakes thick and putrid diesel oil (lipids), into a  clean energy fuel cell, of which harmless waste products are only carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen.

Devlin Macgregor Research Pavilion, Chicago, October 2019: James Devlin and Owen Macgregor with Retired Adult Entertainment Superstar Jenna Jamisen (L)

Provasic represents a not only and new generation of pharmaceutical treatment protocol, but rather a  whole new paradigm for drug based therapeutics. For the past four centuries of human medicine history, the prevailing message and line-of-thinking has been “every drug has side effects”.

To smash this barrier we must first facilitate the elimination of side effects by any means required, then, and only then, may we focus on optimizing the efficacy of treatment for the underlying disease.

I cannot adequately express just how significant Provasic is for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, but more importantly, the for the advancement of human medicine in whole. For the first time in the history of commercial drug development are we able to introduce a drug therapy with one hundred percent efficacy – and most importantly, one with absolutely no side effects”  – Charles Nichols, MD

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Charles Nichols

Case of Sabotage and Industrial Espionage

In December 2020, Frederick Sykes, head of worldwide security at Devlin Macgregor uncovered an industrial espionage campaign and concerted effort to sabotage Devlin Macgregor and it’s flagship product Provasic.  In the clearly sophisticated and well funded campaign, approximately 400 slide bio-samples were stolen and replaced with bogus slides, that after laboratory analysis, show they all came from the SAME person. This devious act shows that the perpetrators goal was to portent that Devlin Macgregor knowingly was engaged in fraudulent medical drug trial tampering or some kind of coverup.

 Hospital Test Lab Director Dr. Kathy Wahlund, 59 and Emergency Room Physician Dr. Anne Eastman, 51,  both employed at Cook County Hospital have provided extensive cooperation in the investigations of the burglarized test-results and subsequent fraud involving the swapping of hundreds of samples with those of the same person, that led to the arrest of Cook County Hospital Maintenance worker Desmondo Jose Ruiz, 54 of Naperville, Illinois. An employee ID card was found at the scene belonging to Ruiz, who normally does not have access to the lab where the crime occurred.  

The suspects also inflicted over $3 million dollars damage to the “B Wing” lab and adjacent office annex on the sixth floor by leaving multiple Bunsen Burners lit over the weekend, which caused the lab to singe to ashes. Coupled with the unmonitored deployment of the fire suppression system, the damage is absolutely shocking.  We believe this act was done in panic to “cover their tracks”, so to speak.

ID found at crime scene

My investigation from day one, has strongly inferred that this despicable act was an inside job by one or more members of the surgical staff at the hospital. Their effort was clearly to inflict permanent harm on Devlin Macgregor's corporate reputation, something that is obviously worth billions to our competitors.

Any thought that Devlin Macgregor would perpetrate this crime ourselves is ludicrous, and is all because of the conspiracy theories promoted recently by some wacked-out local Doc, I think his name is Kimbal or something like that.
Myself and my associates will be using all means necessary to bring these despicable cowards to justice, and we fully expect Devlin Macgregor will be vindicated in the public eye." 

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